Wales Programme for Improvement Officer

The Wales Programme for Improvement (WPI) was introduced in 2002, replacing the Best Value regime in Wales and was designed as a locally-owned approach to improvement, where councils assess and seek to improve the corporate health of the organisation and the performance of services.  This is done in conjunction with understanding and consulting on the needs of the community.

The function of a WPI officer is to provide and co-ordinate Wales Programme for Improvement policies throughout their council, facilitate the sharing and use of best practice and monitor quality, policies and initiatives.

Work Environment
The work is based at council offices working with all services.

Daily Activities
The work is to co-ordinate the Wales Programme for Improvement process across the whole council. This includes:

  • supporting review teams carrying out WPI reviews; 
  • co-ordinating the collection of performance information; 
  • facilitating and co-ordinating the publication of the WPI Performance Plan;
  • facilitating and supporting the development of corporate performance management structures.

Skills & Interests
The main responsibility of WPI officers is interpreting the legislation and presenting in a meaningful and practical way to all local authority employees. Therefore a capacity for creative and strategic thinking, good communication and negotiating skills along with the ability to generate new ideas, alternative options and develop realistic and practical strategies are all essential skills necessary for this area of work.

Entry Requirements
There are no statutory entry requirements for this area of work. However most officers hold a degree or equivalent qualification.

Officers must have knowledge and understanding of policy and local government structures, as well as experience and understanding of project management. Experience of the formulation of strategy and corporate policy is desirable.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
This is a specialised area of corporate policy, so progression could lead into more senior corporate posts.

Further Information & Services
Improvement & Development Agency
Local Government Association
Welsh Local Government Association

You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers office or school careers library.

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