Day Service Manager

This is a social care and health post for which a social worker qualification is not essential.  Day service managers run resource centres for adults who have learning and physical disabilities.  The role involves supervising the care of clients, including, but not limited to, the arrangement of transport and provision of stimulating activities, hot lunch and personal care as required.  The post can be found in all local authorities.

Work Environment
Day service managers are responsible for one particular day centre but they can work in a range of settings such as community halls, community education classes and sports auditoria.  They are may also be required to travel locally to meetings.
Smart dress is expected.

Daily Activities
Day service managers have oversight of the resources and staff who provide support for clients.  Blind and partially sighted people, those who are deaf, dumb or paralysed, can be helped to enjoy a range of activities - pottery, art, music, sports, discussions, cookery, swimming, and horse-riding which are both educational and therapeutic.  Alongside physiotherapy and employment advice - depending on the degree of disability - clients are helped to realise their potential in spite of their disabilities.

Day service officers (who may not be qualified, though they might be working towards NVQs) provide the service in drop-in centres and community bases under the management of the day service/resource centre manager.  Managers may also work on special projects such as developing services for people with complex needs or employment opportunities for clients with disabilities. Their routine duties - often undertaken weekly - include compiling returns on staff attendance, petty cash claims, agency employment and speaking to groups and fellow care and health professionals.  The people they liaise with on a daily basis includes parents, carers, social workers, GPs, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, tutors, and human resource personnel.

Skills & Abilities
To do this job well you need:

  • project management skills; 
  • analysing and problem solving skills; 
  • numeracy skills;
  • confidence;
  • the ability to understand others and treat them with respect; 
  • written and oral communication skills.

It is also important that you are able to identify different needs and skills within client and staff groups.

Entry Requirements
Management qualifications and experience of working with people with learning disabilities are essential.  A social work qualification would be useful but not essential.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
There is no clear promotion path though the next step up would be Service Unit Manager.  It is a potential growth area and social care skills are transferable to other managerial jobs in the service.  There are opportunities in private social care and health institutions with higher pay, though hands-on local government experience would be expected.

Further Information & Services
Care Council for Wales
Community Care
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Department of Health
Health & Care Professions Council
Homes & Communities Agency
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You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers office or school careers library.

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