Customer Services Assistant

Customer service assistants are often the first port of call for people contacting the council with enquiries and complaints or visiting a particular department.  The aim is to make sure that customers receive the information and help they need and that they are able to access the service they need easily.  There are customer service roles in most outward facing services of a local council. Customer Service Assistants can provide reception support, greeting, advising, guiding and directing service users to the service they need.

Work Environment
The role of customer service assistant can be based in any number of council establishments, inside or outside-office buildings, community facilities, call centres, community housing offices, libraries, museums, parks, visitor centres are just a few examples.  You may be required to wear a uniform to identify you as a member of staff and part of the customer services team.  You may work shifts, which could include weekends and public holidays.

Daily Activities
Customer service assistants could be involved in a great many different roles: interfacing with the public as they access a service, answering questions, taking bookings or payments, dealing with routine administration, enquiries, complaints or housekeeping.  Duties will vary greatly depending upon the role and the service in which it sits.

Skills & Interests
Customer service assistants need:

  • to be able to communicate well with different people;
  • to be patient and attentive, listening to customers and dealing with them politely;
  • to be calm and able to resolve potentially difficult situations and complaints;
  • to enjoy helping people;
  • an interest in the relevant area of work.

Entry Requirements
There are no set entry requirements, although depending on the role there may be requirements relating to the specific service.  Once employed, you can work towards NVQ/SVQs at levels 2 and 3 in Customer Service.  Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships may also be available.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
There are opportunities forpromotion within a customer service setting, perhaps working within a contact centre and then moving to supervisory and management roles.  There may also be opportunities to move into administrative and business support roles.

Further Information & Services
Apprenticeship information 
Call Centre Management Association 
Instituteof Customer Service

You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers officeor school careers library.

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