Heating Engineer

The Property or Building Services section is responsible for providing architectural, electrical and mechanical engineering services to other council departments, council properties and some external bodies.  As part of this commitment, the heating engineer is responsible for implementing and maintaining a comprehensive heating and hot and cold water service.

Work Environment
As councils are builders, developers, managers and owners of a number of buildings and land within the public and private domain, heating engineers have to travel around to many locations. They have an office base in central headquarters for design and planning work, meetings and discussions.  Sometimes their duties will involve them in dirty and difficult situations but protective clothing is provided.  They will need to carry a collection of tools with them.  The standard working week is 37 hours but attending to emergencies will require working anti-social shifts and flexibility is essential.

Daily Activities
To implement and manage a comprehensive heating maintenance service.  To ensure that all undertakings comply with Local Government Legislation and all statutory requirements and that the service's objectives are achieved.

  • Implement, supervise and manage an annual domestic heating service programme for all types of fuel.
  • Undertaken surveys of dwellings to ascertain the conditions within the buildings for suitability in respect of heating, i.e. hot water installations
  • Design heating and hot water installations, prepare schedules and specifications.  
  • Programme annual servicing, monitor and post inspect.
  • Supervise and direct staff directly responsible to the postholder.  Provide technical assistance, motivate and encourage staff.
  • Monitor work to be carried out by sub-contractors, in connection with service, maintenance, repairs, renewals and upgrading of heating systems.
  • Officer assistance to other officers of the Directorate seeking technical advice.
  • Assistant with and resolve any problems from other gas engineer or plumber, electricians from other departments.  Offer required sit e visits with hands-on experience.

Skills & Interests

You would need:

  • the ability to produce written reports and cost analysis; 
  • basic PC skills; 
  • good communication and organisational skills;
  • literacy and numeracy; 
  • to be calm in an emergency situation; 
  • to be self motivated; 
  • to be a team player; 
  • the ability to make decisions; 
  • an awareness of industry and technology changes; 
  • an understanding attitude towards tenants' concerns.

In order to do the job effectively knowledge would be required of:

  • health and safety; 
  • Council for Registered Gas Installers - CORGI; 
  • gas safety; 
  • current codes of practice.

Entry Requirements
The applicant must be qualified in all aspects of gas and must re-take these examinations every 5 years.  Also required is good knowledge of electrics, e.g. boilers, heating systems.  Knowledge of British Standards and Health and Safety Regulations is also required.  It is desirable to have worked in local authorities or similar, preferably domestic services and have some knowledge of building regulations.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
There will always be a need for engineers, of all kinds. You can make sideways moves to electrical engineer or technical administrator. Above that is the post of Head of Architecture and Building Services and other senior management positions. There are numerous opportunities in the private sector.

Further Information & Services
Building & Engineering Services Association www.b-es.org
Engineering Council www.engc.org.uk
Gas Safe Register www.gassaferegister.co.uk
SEMTA www.semta.org.uk
SummitSkills www.summitskills.org.uk
The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers www.cibse.org

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