Events Officer/Entertainment Officer

Events and entertainment officers, plan, develop and promote entertainment and special events, within a local authority area. They try to provide something for everyone - whatever their interests or age. Events could include theatrical shows, exhibitions, concerts, conferences, Christmas fairs, festivals, sports meetings and craft fairs.

Work Environment
Events and entertainment officers spend some of their time in the council offices and some of their time travelling around to visit venues.

Daily Activities
Events and entertainment officers often work within either the leisure services, marketing or tourism departments within the council. As an events officer your duties might include:

  • thinking up new ideas for events and gathering information on events or attractions in other parts of the country;
  • attending meetings with other council officers to discuss ideas and make decisions on which ones to take forward;
  • turning those ideas into strategic plans and, eventually, a programme of events;
  • liaising with neighbouring authorities to avoid duplication of events;
  • applying for grants, funding or sponsorship;
  • making decisions on how to use available funds most effectively and closely monitoring budgets;
  • deciding on venues and liaising with venue managers;
  • co-ordinating all the people involved in putting an event together;
  • booking artists and performers and negotiating their fees;
  • writing press releases and/or marketing materials, or liaising with marketing departments;
  • dealing with the media to ensure that events are well promoted;
  • arranging photo opportunities;
  • evaluating the success of events and writing and presenting reports.

Skills & Interests
Events and entertainment officers must be:

  • well organised and able to work to deadlines;
  • good communicators and able to present their ideas clearly;
  • able to negotiate;
  • highly motivated and enthusiastic;
  • good at planning and organising;
  • imaginative;
  • able to juggle several tasks at once;
  • capable of managing entire projects and co-ordinating lots of people.

Entry Requirements
Although there are no set entry requirements for this job, people with some previous experience of event organisation and marketing may find it easier to gain a position.  Most new entrants have a degree or equivalent - useful subjects include marketing, arts administration, business studies, leisure and tourism, and recreation management.

It may be possible to enter at assistant level and attend college part time to gain N/SVQs or an Apprenticeship in Arts and Entertainment or Cultural Heritage.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
Depending on the size of the council, it may be possible to progress into a managerial position. There may also be opportunities to move into similar areas of work, such as arts administration, tourism or recreation and leisure management.

Further Information & Services
Creative and Cultural Skills Council
Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity

You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers office or school careers library.

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