Case study

Head of Science Department, Geoff

Head of Science Department

8:15 Briefing
Geoff meets with the headteacher and other departmental heads to run through some current issues such as:

  • the forthcoming Teacher Adviser's visit; 
  • the Government Green Paper on Education for 14-19 year olds; 
  • press interest in field trips and outside activities which have come under the microscope following some recent pupil accidents on an abseiling trip; 
  • shared responsibility through team working, shadowing and mentoring; 
  • departmental budgets and raising monies from external funding and school based business enterprise; 
  • preparation for the parents' evening.

9:15 Sixth Form Teaching - Biology (2 hours)
A-Level Biology - talking about the forthcoming field trip to Peru. Opportunity for team teaching - Geoff has arranged for the PE, Geography and History Teachers join in for the last half-hour.

11:15 IT Laboratory
Geoff discusses visual aids with the IT Technician to help in the preparation for the Peru expedition.

11:30 Key Stage 4 Teaching - Science (1 hour)
GCSE Syllabus Lab work. Geoff needs help from the laboratory technician with some of the equipment which he thinks might be a health hazard. An unruly class cannot be relied upon to be sensible.

13:45 Mentoring
Geoff spends some time with Will, a probationary year Physics teacher, who is taking a Key Stage 3 class. He gives advice on presentation, technique, discipline and lesson preparation.

18:00 Parents Evening
Back to school for 2 hours to discuss students' progress with parents.

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