Public Transport Marketing & Development Officer

Quite simply, the aim of this job is to encourage more people to go to work by bus.  'Travelwise' - leave the car at home and preserve the urban and rural environment.  Public transport marketing and development officers (PTMDOs) promote local transport services by working with bus operators and companies and employers to develop effective marketing of transport.  The post can be found in all types of authority in the transportation section of environmental services.

Work Environment
This entails office work and local travel to view the department's work on the ground and to visit other organisations where there is an opportunity to sell the council's transportation policy- if there is a local pressure group meeting to protest about traffic congestion in a specific town / city location, for example.  The hours are 37 per week and may involve evening and weekend work.

Daily Activities
PTDMOs work as part of a passenger transport team led by the team manager that usually includes the council's transport planner and transport officer. Their main duties and responsibilities are to help develop:

  • partnerships with bus operators;
  • a public transport information strategy;
  • promote an "all operator" bus ticket in line with the Transport Act 2000 and Competition Act 1998 - one ticket, any bus;
  • proposals for concessionary travel schemes for scholars and senior citizens;
  • initiatives to promote the concessionary fares scheme;
  • marketing and publicity of bus services including installation of information points in key locations;
  • partnerships with town and community councils to encourage rural transport schemes;
  • a stakeholders forum - local operators and employees - to promote travel plans;
  • an accurate analysis of services to key areas of employment within the locality, and improve service levels by forming close working links with employees and operators;
  • effective surveys of non-bus users and from the results design improvement programmes to make bus travel more attractive.

Skills & Interests
To do this job well you would need the ability to:

  • express yourself well in oral and written form;
  • develop innovative marketing and publicity initiatives;
  • negotiate effectively;
  • analyse issues to identify options;
  • solve problems;
  • demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of effective customer care;
  • get on with people from different backgrounds;
  • undertake public speaking engagements.

You would also be expected to have formed a clear idea about the value of information technology to transportation planning and marketing. Knowledge of current legislation relating to public transport is desirable.

Entry Requirements
For entry at the higher levels of the salary scale you should have a relevant degree. Experience of effective team working, project management and the use of IT packages at intermediate level are essential. In addition, it is desirable that you have experience of the following:

  • developing marketing initiatives;
  • networking across organizations and working with public transport operators or similar;
  • planning, managing and controlling budgets.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
Transport will always be a big issue for local government and opportunities for advancement will continue. A sideways move, providing more managerial experience, would be to Passenger Transport Manager and beyond that promotion to Assistant Head and Head of Transportation.  Managerial jobs in relevant sections of the private sector and traffic and transport consultancies would also be available.

Further Information & Services
The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
The Chartered Institute of Public Relations
The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation
The Institute of Logistics and Transport

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