Domestic Assistant - Residential Home

This job would appeal to those who consider themselves good household managers.  Keeping a clean, tidy and healthy environment is very important in residential, day care and other respite and rehabilitation establishments. The senior care officer needs to maintain calm and order for the sake of vulnerable clients, some who may have mental health problems. Domestic assistants help them do this.  The post can be found in all types of authorities except for district councils.

Work Environment
Work is carried out in the hostels and homes run by community care services. It can be physically demanding and there will be a degree of dirt and disorder to deal with. Domestic assistants also serve food, assist with some basic food preparation and in some locations may be required to undertake some cooking duties. Outreach work may also be required.

Daily Activities
Domestic assistants are responsible for:

  • cleanliness of the bedrooms, lounges, dining areas, utility rooms, corridors, bathrooms/toilets;
  • general dining room duties - laying/waiting at/clearing tables, washing up; 
  • kitchen duties - cleaning, basic preparation of food and some cooking under supervision; 
  • the use of domestic type laundry equipment for the care of linen and clothing - washing machines, irons etc.; 
  • bed making, care of linen and clothing including washing and ironing (this often entails sluicing of soiled linen and clothes); 
  • knowing where the fire extinguishers and escape routes are and what action to take in an emergency; 
  • participating in appropriate training and domestic staff development.

They also help clients to look after themselves and undertake general domestic tasks.

Skills & Interests
Domestic assistants need to be:

  • caring and sensitive; 
  • physically fit for lifting and moving duties; 
  • well organised; 
  • flexible; 
  • willing to undertake training; 
  • aware of the need for confidentiality; 
  • responsible and mature.

Entry Requirements
It is essential to have an understanding of Health and Safety and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations and experience of working with people in care, or similar life experience.  You should have the current moving and handling training.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
Opportunities are few, but with experience and training you can apply for supervisory jobs in domestic care.

Further Information & Services
Care Council for Wales
Community Care
Community Service Volunteers
Department of Health
Health & Care Professions Council
Homes & Communities Agency
Skills for Care
Social Care Association

You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers office or school careers library.

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