Curriculum Adviser/Professional Development Adviser

This high-profile post is part of the teacher advisory service that aims to maximise school performance by raising standards and effectiveness.  By managing the advisers' work, the development adviser ensures the operational design and delivery of high quality curriculum development.  In short, they help to construct a coherent system of continuing professional development (CPD).  Advisers are responsible to the Executive Officer.

Work Environment
Usually advisers work from professional development centres but, inevitably, spend a lot of time travelling to schools and training centres in the local area.  They will spend 50% of their time in schools delivering training programmesoron consultancy activity. They also attend national conferences and government briefings.

Daily Activities
The main responsibilities and duties are:

  • to control and support teacher adviser teams on a day to day basis;
  • to co-ordinate and deliver an induction and CPD programme foradvisers;
  • to work with colleagues on the design of materials forrelevant working practices and knowledge;
  • to co-ordinate research and development priorities undertaken by adviser teams ensuring that the materials produced are conducive to good practice;
  • to oversee the link officer role (staff development consultant) in liaison with the professional officer including designating colleagues to schools and making sure that services are delivered;
  • to develop training programmes in liaison with the professional officer and team leaders in accordance with acknowledged needs, as well as using the expertise of external agencies;
  • to liaise with standards team officers in schools recognised as causing concern;
  • to maintain local authority links with agencies to ensure coherent programmes forboth primary and secondary special focus work;
  • to manage quality assurance procedures within teacher adviser teams.

Skills & Interests
It is essential that you have:

  • the ability to manage a team;
  • demonstrated a personal commitment to equality of opportunity;
  • a broad overview and understanding of current issues facing local authorities, local communities and the education services;
  • the ability to communicate effectively;
  • a creative and effective approach to problem solving;
  • experience of preparing and presenting reports;
  • the ability to ensure that systems of recording and reporting on the work of a team are in place;
  • an awareness of school effectiveness issues;
  • an awareness of how to develop and maintain curriculum support and professional development service, delegated to schools.

Entry Requirements
You should have:

  • a teaching and final professional qualification;
  • substantial teaching experience at a seniorlevel in schools;
  • a postgraduate qualification and/orsubstantial direct practical education experience;
  • evidence of continuing professional development;
  • had oversight of programmes of school improvement, including a knowledge of target setting mechanisms;
  • substantial management experience within a school, college, and/orLEA education department;
  • substantial experience in affecting change by developing, implementing and evaluating significant initiatives.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
There is the opportunity to work in many executive levels of the education service, both within the advisory field and management. The top job in this career path is Director of Education.  There are also opportunities in universities and colleges of education and in the private sector.

Further Information & Services
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You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers officeor school careers library.

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