Community Safety Officer/Warden

A Community Safety Officer and Warden provides a uniformed, semi-official patrolling presence in our communities by seeking to reduce crime, anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime by providing reassurance, assistance and help in order to create a safer, more pleasant living environment within our communities.  The job can be very wide ranging working with a number of community groups and agencies.  There are no staff management responsibilities but there is responsibility for the proper use and safekeeping of small items of equipment and for the use and safekeeping of data systems.

Work Environment
The work mostly takes place mainly outdoors with indoor and office based duties.  There will be face to face interaction with members of the public.

Daily Activities
The responsibilities of a Community Safety Officer and Warden include:

  • providing a high profile patrolling presence in order to deter public nuisance, anti-social behaviour and crime, and encourage good behaviour;
  • providing a visible presence in our communities in order to reduce the fear of crime and reassure local people and make them feel safe and proud of where they live;
  • developing community spirit, by being approachable, responsive and by communicating positive news and dealing with problems quickly and professionally;
  • responding promptly to prevent or diffuse any actual problems of public order or safety within our communities, calling appropriate assistance where necessary;
  • supporting vulnerable residents of all ages in a courteous and sensitive manner;
  • developing links with youth and other community groups and work with them to cut down on disorder;
  • encouraging residents to take responsibility for reporting anti-social behaviour and the outcomes of such behaviour;
  • promoting a caring, helpful and unbiased attitude towards residents, visitors, the general public and to remain polite and courteous;
  • gathering intelligence on anti-social behaviour, suspicious behaviour or criminal activity, and submit this information to the appropriate partnership officer;
  • carrying out any other duties as reasonably fall within the purview and grade of the post as directed by the line manager;
  • reporting community safety issues raised by local people, or environmental problems they see around them e.g. incidents, hazards, defects, fly tipping, dog fouling, graffiti, litter and vandalism;
  • acting as the eyes and ears of the Council by spotting, investigating and reporting incidents, including acting as a professional witness and attending court as required;
  • preparing to take positive action in the field regarding environmental and community improvements such as undertaking minor repair or maintenance work duties or removing small amounts of graffiti or litter;
  • writing concise reports following incidents and process information accurately;
  • participating and assisting in community-based events or at local initiatives;
  • advising residents on home security and other crime prevention initiatives;
  • preparing and distribute leaflets and flyers as required;
  • to undertake basic administrative and clerical duties as required;
  • monitoring situations using CCTV or other equipment;
  • attending at community based meetings as directed, often in the evening;
  • checking, locking, unlocking or reporting on the security of buildings and other public localities, as required;
  • undertaking enforcement duties, including, the issuing of fixed penalties for offences.

Skills & Interests
Community Safety Officer and Warden will:

  • be able to use IT for report writing, internet, e mails and logging of data;
  • be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences both verbally and in writing and provide a caring and effective service. In particular, demonstrate the ability to be able to listen and understand the needs of residents and support them in a sensitive and effective manner;
  • be able to work effectively in stressful or sensitive situations, handling conflict with tact and diplomacy to ensure personal safety;
  • be able to work alone and on own initiative or as part of a team;
  • be able to prioritise workload and see tasks through to completion;
  • have experience in a job that required working with the public and delivering a service;
  • full clean driving licence;
  • be able to undertake all the duties of the post including walking up to 8 miles of foot patrol daily;
  • must be willing to undergo a training programme.

Entry Requirements
Community Safety Officer and Warden must have 5 GCSE's with passes in Maths and English or equivalent.  Community Safety Officer and Warden must be accredited to the Chief Constable of Gent Community Safety Accreditation Scheme.  The post is subject to a comprehensive screening process including an enhanced disclosure check with the Disclosure and Barring Service. 

Future Prospects & Opportunities
Job opportunities will depend on each local authority and whether they operate a Community Warden Scheme or not.

Further Information & Services
All Wales Community Safety Advisory Board

You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers office or school careers library.

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