Community Meals Supervisor

This is a very important service to those who, for many different reasons are unable to prepare food. Community Meals (CM) Supervisors arrange for quality meals to be provided for older people, those who are very unwell, disabled people or those on low incomes. Often, people who have been hospitalised are entitled to the service too.

Work Environment
This begins in the office and extends to the kitchens and then to private homes or care centres. Walking and carrying products and catering equipment in all sorts of weather conditions are to be expected.

Daily Activities
The basic aim of this job is to provide quality meals to clients throughout the area. This will entail daily visits, sometimes to deal with complaints as well as checking that standards are being met in the kitchens and in the delivery process. It may be that there are new products to be discussed with the cooks and the clients too. Most of the time the officer will deal with administration and budgeting as well as the supervision of cooks who may be external providers as well as council employees, distributors (some may be voluntary workers) and product suppliers. There are daily deadlines to be met but they are free to work on their own initiative within those restrictions.

In the course of an average day, CM supervisors will liaise with all staff under their control as well as voluntary agencies like Age Concern and WVRS. In the longer term, they may work on special projects such as frozen delivery contracts, setting up new contracts and new luncheon clubs.

Skills & Interests
You would need the following qualities to be good at the job:

  • an understanding of the needs of vulnerable people;
  • practical ability;
  • attention to detail;
  • caring nature;
  • project management ability;
  • good with figures;
  • confidence;
  • ability to get on with people from different backgrounds;
  • organisational skills;
  • computer literacy.

It is also important to look smart and be able to handle budgets.

Entry Requirements
A catering background that has included administrative duties is important. An NVQ/GNVQ in a food management subject is often required.  People who have a background in the armed forces that has involved catering and administration are sometimes attracted to this kind of work.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
There is a wide range of opportunities in this field with promotion dependent on experience and further qualifications. Because the nature of this work requires different skills there are administrative posts that offer possibilities foradvancement, forexample Systems Administrator. The next step up the ladder fora MoW Supervisorwould be Manager, Community Services.

Further Information & Services
Community Care 
Community Service Volunteers 
Local Authority Caterers Association 

You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers office or school careers library. 

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