Communications Officer

A Communications Officer is responsible for a wide range of activities aimed at raising the profile of the local authority on a local, regional and national level.  A Communications Officer assists in managing and protecting the authority's reputation and playing a key role in shaping the public's perception of the council and the services it delivers.  the officer will be responsible for creating and implementing strategic communication plans to support the delivery of corporate and service area messages.  This involves bringing together and managing the various teams within the department.  There can be staff management responsibilities as well as budget management.

Work Environment
The post is based in the administrative headquarters of the local authority and the main working day is spent in this environment.

Daily Activities
Duties could include:

  • managing and controlling the reputation of the authority in the media, through the use of various proactive and reactive communications techniques;
  • developing and implementing comprehensive media strategies aimed at promoting the positive aspects of the work of the authority and reacting to, and limiting, the damage caused by negative media exposure;
  • dealing with a broad and often complex spectrum of media issues relating to all aspects of local authority business;
  • offering professional advice and guidance on media and marketing for publicity and promotional purposes to all service areas and where appropriate external partners;
  • working as key member of the communications team in responding to emergency or crisis situations.

Skills & Interests
A Communications Officer will have:

  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • social skills;
  • negotiation skills;
  • initiative;
  • creativity and imagination;
  • an in-depth understanding of local government and the wider public sector particularly in Wales;
  • management skills to motivate and achieve the key targets with all employees in the department;

Entry Requirements
A degree or professional equivalent in Communications, Media or Marketing.  A number of UK universities offer relevant degree and postgraduate courses.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
A Communications Officer can be found in both the private and public sectors including voluntary and not-for-profit organisations.

Further Information & Services
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
Public Relations Consultants Association

You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers office or school careers library.

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